Betty for Betsy!

So, it’s been a while, (OK, so years rather than months!) but here we are. Our family has grown and our location has moved, but I am still ticking along just fine.

I thought I would just share my latest little project that I finished last week. When I say latest little project, I perhaps mean longest! This was a, very overdue, birthday present for my niece, Betsy.

It came to a halt when I tried to make her dress in one evening, so that I could deliver it the next day and it all went horribly wrong! I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to it, then moving house got in the way. (And my useless memory filed it away into the back of my memory!)

I loved making her and seeing her come to life, although I was quite shocked at how long she took, my stopping and starting aside! She isn’t something that I could churn out on a daily basis. But then she isn’t something that I would want to, that would make her less special. Betty_01

In her undies!


Showing off her Liberty print.


A ‘B’ for Betsy and Betty!


All boxed up and ready to go.


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