What a To Do

I have a To Do list in my head. Not the best place for it. It’s all the projects that I want to do. I need to write it down and put it into some kind of order. Then I can crack on with it.

I think my main priority is to begin a task that I have all the required materials for. (I am sure that there must be one on my list! Surely?)

First though, I need to go and tidy my crafty space and give new homes to some of the lovely new things that I got for my birthday and Christmas. My desk is one of the spots that Hells liked to sleep in during her last few weeks. It will be nice to spend some time pottering around there.)


Goodbye Hello

We had a sad start to the New Year, we had to say goodbye to our puss cat, Hello. After several months fighting Lymphoma, the light had gone from her and she was a shadow of her former self.

We will miss her.



I had a lovely day doing a patchwork workshop at Quiltessential today with my friend, Rachel. It is the first time that I have left Mabel for any length of time, but it worked well, which paves the way for me doing it again. (Phew!)

I have done patchwork before, but it was a long old time ago. We had a great day and produced a cushion cover.

How to do the binding on a quilt has puzzled me for ages now. Now that I know how to do it, it is so obvious!

Next step, is to add some quilting to my patchwork skills and then I can crack on with all the ideas I have had buzzing round my head and in my sketchbook for months. Watch this space.





Mabel does a bit of modelling…


My Mabel

So here is one of the reasons for my non-blogging over the last few months.


Mabel. She will be two in October. It is so true when people say that time flies when you have children, it seems like two minutes since she was born. I adore her, and every day she makes me laugh.


Betty for Betsy!

So, it’s been a while, (OK, so years rather than months!) but here we are. Our family has grown and our location has moved, but I am still ticking along just fine.

I thought I would just share my latest little project that I finished last week. When I say latest little project, I perhaps mean longest! This was a, very overdue, birthday present for my niece, Betsy.

It came to a halt when I tried to make her dress in one evening, so that I could deliver it the next day and it all went horribly wrong! I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to it, then moving house got in the way. (And my useless memory filed it away into the back of my memory!)

I loved making her and seeing her come to life, although I was quite shocked at how long she took, my stopping and starting aside! She isn’t something that I could churn out on a daily basis. But then she isn’t something that I would want to, that would make her less special. Betty_01

In her undies!


Showing off her Liberty print.


A ‘B’ for Betsy and Betty!


All boxed up and ready to go.